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Sexual Revolution of the 1920s

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The concept of the new woman during the 1920s underwent a sexuality connotation. Different from the Victorian era, a middle-ground of prostitution and not having sexual encounters, emerged from the unmarried women. Parents as well as the police force did not approve of this change. However, the irony comes out when certain police women were also the “new woman” who had stepped out of the traditional gender roles. Various differences occurred amongst women generations and for every woman who rebelled against her mothers orders another  probably was chose to restraint. Marriage was seen continuously throughout generations. During the 1910s and 1920s, women preferred to be heterosocial and saturated with heterosexuality. These women could flirt and date in just about any atmosphere of amusement. This caused a decline in the Victorian’s new woman social realm of activity.

Remaining at the fringes of these changes in sexual norms in the twentieth century were prostitutes,radical women, and lesbians, revealing significant historical continuity in sexual behavior and thought. Women of the Bohemian middle class began to question marriage and explored “free love.” Also, birth control pioneers, socialists, and feminists often paid a price for violating the sexual normality. Young women were not simply discarding the norms of their mothers’ generation, though, but adapting them to the changing landscape of modern American life. Many women chose marriage and motherhood over dating and pleasure.

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May 1, 2011 at 11:33 pm

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