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The “Gibson Girl”

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Women’s changing appearance began to take after the artist Charles Dana Gibson. Corsets, frills, and petticoats were being discarded and the Gibson girl was spotted wearing a shirtwaist blouse with a long skirt that enabled her to play tennis or ride a bike. Athletic, flirtatious, and confident were just some of the qualities that a Gibson girl displayed. She was known to be from a working class or even an elite society. This look was not just depicted in pictures for white women, but African American women as well.

The inspiration for the Gibson girl was Charles’ very own wife Irene Langhorne. Irene and her sister, Nancy Langhorne, became the first women to serve as a member Parliament in the British House of Commons. They were models for Gibson and represented the feminine exemplary at the time.


Written by A New Generation of Women

April 28, 2011 at 12:38 am

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